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Welcome to Heirloom Woodworking & Graphics, where old meets new. Located in Maine, we make unique custom home decor, custom cribbage boards, premium cutting boards and other wooden items that tell their own stories. Our artisan shop focuses on crafting custom boards, cribbage boards, wooden home decor, and graphics, all from sustainable Maine hardwoods.

What makes us different is our focus on sustainability and uniqueness. We work closely with each client to make sure every piece fits perfectly in its new home. Our designs are modern yet timeless, made to be treasured for years.

Every item from Heirloom Woodworking & Graphics shows our commitment to quality and the environment. We use only top materials from the US, making sure each piece is beautiful and eco-friendly.

Check out our gallery to see our amazing work, or contact us to start designing your custom piece today. Follow us on social media for updates and a peek behind the scenes at our woodworking process.

Discover the art of woodworking with Heirloom Woodworking & Graphics – where every piece tells a story.

Custom Cribbage Boards, A Bluie Epost And Wood Cribbage Board

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Top 5 Best Artisan Woodworkers in Maine

In the quaint corners of Southern Maine, a unique blend of tradition and innovation thrives through the skilled hands of Maine artisan woodworkers. These artisans defy the ephemeral nature of contemporary goods, creating specialty woodworking items that not only serve functional purposes but also tell a story of craftsmanship and dedication. The importance of maintaining and celebrating these skills in a world increasingly inclined towards mass production cannot be overstated, as these woodworkers continue to offer custom woodworking services that result in one-of-a-kind items imbued with personal touch and quality.

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For homeowners, home-based businesses, and crafters, advertising stickers offer a unique opportunity to promote their services, products, or creative endeavors tangibly and cost-effectively. These versatile marketing tools can be applied to various surfaces, from car bumpers to laptops, creating a mobile billboard effect that extends your brand’s reach beyond traditional boundarie

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Looks great! It arrived on time but too many e-mails. Thanks

Women - Heirloom Custom Woodworking And Custom Graphics
Maria B
ART teacher
Johnson Elementary School District

Great service and products are exactly as advertised.

Man - Heirloom Custom Woodworking And Custom Graphics
William P
Edge Fitness

Very fast delivery and courteous service. The wax is really good keeps all the kitchen boards in great shape. All natural and smells citrusy.

Man - Heirloom Custom Woodworking And Custom Graphics
Rob B.
Task Inc

Everything is such great quality and worth every penny! So happy with my cutting board and care products

Women - Heirloom Custom Woodworking And Custom Graphics
Laura A.
Home Maker

“I am extremely pleased with my new cutting board. It is just what I wanted and clearly well made. I enthusiastically endorse this company and its products!”

Man - Heirloom Custom Woodworking And Custom Graphics
Business Owner
Chicago IL