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by | Feb 8, 2022

What do we do?

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Our Mission

We believe that simplicity is the key to beauty, and our products are designed with this in mind; aesthetic can best be described as old-world charm meets modern technology

Makers/Crafters Spotlight

Our mission is to support and uplift our fellow craftsmen, especially entrepreneurs like us. We try to provide them with the best tools around and teach how they can make their vision happen through educational content that will empower anyone to turn their ideas into reality!


Every woodworker has a drive that makes them want to create new things with their hands and experience the pride of doing well. We encourage all people who share this passion for crafting, no matter what profession they pursue after hours or how old they are!


Our mission is to empower YOU with the tools, educational resources, and design plans to help you create woodcraft pieces for life. Whether you are a professional woodworker or just getting into it as a hobbyist, we have what your heart desires at affordable prices! We also offer a platform where you can sell your unique designs or plans.


When you dive into your work, it becomes an experience. It might be restoring Grandpa’s old furniture so he can use it again or building the perfect crib to welcome little ones in this world with open arms as the Grumpy Guy recently did to welcome Leo, his first grandchild into this world, and our creations seen and used by many more people than just themselves because when something has been lovingly crafted from good intention, then only its true beauty will shine through every time.


Woodworking is an art form that deserves the best tools to create beautiful furniture or art pieces. That’s why we’re here! We offer affordable, functional woodworking plans and tools so everyone can build unique wooden masterpieces without breaking their budget or putting in hours of research just for some plywood and glue–we’ve got you covered from start to finish with all your design needs.


Woodworkers deserve top-of-the-line plans and tools, and we have researched our tails off to offer what we believe to be the best in the vast array of tools, gadgets, gizmo, and whatcha ma call it.



One man’s quest to follow his passion led him down a path of success he never could have imagined. The first time Heirloom Graphics Company was born over 10 years ago, making small jewelry boxes for others who shared this dream as well; it all started with one guy trying something new and fulfilling an unfulfilled need in society’s inability or unwillingness of people’s parts due to lack of financial means to build quality handcrafted products, or purchase at prices they can afford.


After wasting much time and money using tools that didn’t work, the grumpy guy finally found a way to make his software great by making it himself.

A few years ago, he was frustrated with all of these horrible design plans out there for people who had no idea how they worked or what made them good in the first place. After gaining some knowledge from YouTube tutorials on SketchFlow (gotta love online learning), this developer began designing some new features.”



In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, it’s comforting to know there are still people out there making things by hand. Heirloom Graphics Company provides those interested in woodworking tutorials and guides from experienced designers who share their own stories along the way!

Join a community of like-minded individuals and discover your passion with resources from the finest gear to templates for all skill levels. No one else offers this kind of service than us!

We believe in giving back, so we don’t just sell you what we think will make our pockets happy; instead, join us on an adventure where every purchase feeds someone who needs it most: children around the world through product distribution programs while also providing free education guidance at home or abroad too – The Grumpy Guy himself has tested everything you find here along with his minions that work hard for you so you don’t waste your valuable income on something that doesn’t work.

– Heirloom Graphics Company

– Heirloom Graphics Company – Handcrafted, Custom made to order, the way you want it.

– Heirloom Graphics Company is a woodworking community that offers custom-made items for sale. It’s about building something unique just for you!

– We love handcrafted things, and we know you do too !!! That’s why we’ve combined our passion with your favorite hobby in one place! We’re here to provide high-quality products at reasonable prices.  if you want to showcase and sell something unique, we are here to help you get discovered.


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543 Rating
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Trusted by over 5,00 Customers across the United States of America since 2018


We take great pride in what we do from day one it has never been about the bottom line, yes we are in business to make a profit but what we pride ourselves in is the returning customer. We have over 85% of our sales from repeat customers, which tells us we are doing it right. With so much competition out there, we are only as good as our last sale. It’s too easy to just mass-produce items these days. We want every item we make to be the best it can be and hope our customers enjoy our products for years to come.

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Olive Wood & Epoxy Cutting Board

The ultimate in craftsmanship of each board is hand=crafted by our in-staff artisan woodworkers. There is no comprises when it comes to what we do.

Custom Cutting Boards

There are cutting boards then there are the boards we make here in house nothing in brought in from overseas we make each and every cutting board with local Maine hardwoods assuring you only get the premium board you pay for and desrve.

lake cribbage board

Custom Cribbage Boards

We are proud to offer you some of the most stunning and most beautiful custom cribbage boards available on the market today come check out what we have to offer

Custom Rustic Flags

Let heirloom graphics create for you the personalized custom rustic flag where no detail is left untouched you’ll be proud to hang these flags in any wall in your home

Free Delivery

 For orders over $49

Personalized Gifts

Free laser engraving on special orders

1 year limited warranty

On most products that we make

Highest Quality

We only use Maine source Hardwoods to ensure premium quality

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