Our Mission

We believe that simplicity is the key to beauty and our products are designed with this in mind. They’re sleek, simple yet elegant–adorable even! The company’s aesthetic can best be described as old world charm meets modern technology which makes them perfect for anyone who wants both functionality (don’t worry about getting lost because there’ll always be a way) AND style points.

A lot goes into designing something people will love – from choosing how much text should go onto each logo point or whether they’d rather have smooth curves instead of sharp angles; all these decisions help us create what matters most: A product worth holding onto forever while still looking fresh enough.

In HGC, we love the imperfection of a good design. We’re not afraid to take risks and try something new–if it doesn’t work out for us then that just makes room for another great piece in your home!

Heirloom Graphics Company are passionate about supporting contemporary creators. Inspired by their own experiences traveling the world, they curate products for your interior that will elevate any space into something special and unique – The Grumpy Guys vision is for this small company to become an ambassador in helping bring others’ work out from behind closed doors!

We’re always trying to find new ways of telling the story. Whether it be through our blog, social media or even old-fashioned printmedia—if there’s an opportunity for people know exactly how much goes into everything Heirloom Graphics Company puts out then this is what will happen!