How much does artwork cost?

The first hour of basic artwork, mock-ups, and computer-aided hole layouts, is free and included in the cost of the board.

Most boards can be completed within this hour and no further artwork is needed.

Click here for a full description of the hole layout process.

Some complex designs or multiple mockups, that take longer than the free hour, can incur artwork charges at $20 per 30 minutes.  You can purchase extra artwork here.

We’ll also be happy to provide a quote for you.

Want a photo on my board.  What should I send you?

Want a photo on my board. What should I send you?

For all other boards, we convert photos to a format that we can use to engrave using a traditional router and v-bit.

We don’t use a laser or silk-screen printing so there is a limit to the detail we can capture in the wood.

We engrave, then hand-paint the image.

The larger the photo, t​​he better – try for at least 1Mb in size and as clear a photo as possible.

Most formats are OK, such as a jpg, bmp, pdf or other picture file formats.

If in doubt, please send what you have and we’ll advise.​

What sort of image or logo can I put on my board?

We can add most images and logos onto your board.

The key to a good image is a quality source image – ideally large with clear outlines and edges.

We use a traditional router and v-bit to engrave, then hand-paint the engraving, so half-tones and light shadows are not going to work.

We can now also add actual photos onto boards:

If you are not sure, please send us the highest-resolution version you have or provide a link to it and we’ll work from there