I want to redo the finish.  What should I use?

Most boards are finished with shellac. Brushing or spraying on a light coat of shellac will probably restore the finish like new.  Light sanding with fine sandpaper, such as 400 grit, before and between coats, will help too.

Should you wish to strip the finish completely, shellac dissolves in alcohol.

Please beware that we apply any paint on your board between layers of shellac, so stripping back the finish may remove paint too.

On rare occasion, we use polyurethane to finish boards, particularly those with padauk wood and other similar alcohol-soluble natural coloring.  Even with this finish, a fresh layer of shellac on top should work fine.


How long will my board look like new?

Protected from the elements, your board should last for many, many years.

We do see the appearance of “character” as a positive for the board. Small dings, dents, and scratches add to the sense of history of a well-used and cherished board.

What are your pegs made of?

What are your pegs made of?

Our boards come with metal pegs as standard.  Materials include Stainless Steel, Black Steel, Brass, Copper, and Aluminum.

We also have a range of painted and natural wooden pegs which we can swap out if requested.

You can see our pegs on the Pegs and Accessories page.