Where do I enter promo codes, discounts, special deals and other price-reducing offers?

We stopped all promos, codes, vouchers, discounts, and such at the end of May 2012.

We reduced our prices on all our boards instead as this seemed a much fairer and honest way to do business.

This way, when you buy a board from us, you needn’t worry you’ve missed a special deal if only you had surfed the web for another hour or two!

There is no place to enter a code on the website, and please consider all codes found on the web to be fake.


Are you PCI compliant?

e keep our credit and debit payment system very simple.  We never see entire card numbers or security codes.  All that data is handled by an encrypted PCI-compliant processor.

We maintain current PCI compliance for our industry type and systems.

My order was declined, though I’m sure I put everything in correctly!

This happens occasionally and we can’t always tell why.

Please check you have the billing address correct as registered with your card issuer.  If that doesn’t work, please consider using the PayPal option – you don’t need an account with them, just the card.  They seem to use a different verification method and sometimes that does a better job.

When you receive a thank-you email with your 5-digit order number, then you have succeeded!

Do you have a secure site for payment?

Our website is hosted on a third-party secure server using industry-standard encryption technology, similar to that used by financial institutions.

We receive summary information about credit and debit transactions – card type, name, exp. date and the last 4 digits of the card number but never the entire card number or security code.

What is the best way to pay?

We recommend using a credit or debit card, or Paypal.

The payment is immediate and will place your board on our production list as soon as you approve the design.

Checks and Money Orders are fine, but boards are not added to production list until they have arrived and cleared.

 When do I have to pay for my board?

We are happy to work on the design for you, create free mockups, and do other such work before you commit to the purchase.

We do not, however, place your board on our production list until it is paid for in full.

If you are pressed for time, we would recommend paying for your board as soon as possible to reserve your place on the production list